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Groovy Puppy Boarding

Your Groovy Puppy's home away from home!


$65 / 24 hrs

$30 per additional pup

accommodating pups less than 1 lb and up to 125 lbs.

gentle giants considered on a case-by-case basis

 Contact us for details!

Groovy Puppy Boarding Includes

  • Daycare is included in multi-night stays! 

  • Feedings. Pups must bring their own food, but we accommodate specialty diets and a variety food preparation.

  • Up to 3 Basic medications (pills, drop, topical) Free!  Additional or complex meds (like injections) subject to an Rx fee of up to $3 / per

  • Personal space. Each fur guest has a dedicated space, so bring their bed and a favorite toy or two for a real home away from home experience for your pup.

  • Every 2 hours we post pictures and videos for dog parents to see what fun their fur babies are up to during their groovy day. With good night and good morning pics!

All participants must pass a meet & greet temperament screening process to ensure compatibility with the group.

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