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Groovy Puppy Daycare

What better fun for your pet than to be in a home-based environment with plenty of room to relax and play? We take a limited amount of doggies, so we can give maximum amounts of fun and attention!


$30 / 9 hrs​

accommodating pups less than 1 lb and up to 125 lbs.

gentle giants considered on a case-by-case basis

 Contact us for details!

Groovy Puppy Daycare Includes

  • Unconditional love in the form of hugs, rubs, scratches, toys and positive praise

  • Boat loads of understanding, empathy and patience – staying in a new place takes getting used to after all!

  • FUN Daily supervised group and 1-on-1 play both indoors in our air-conditioned space and outdoors, leash-free, on our grassy 1.5-acre yard

  • All feedings. Pups must bring their own food, but we accommodate specialty diets and a variety food preparation.

  • Up to 3 Basic medications (pills, drop, topical) Free!  Additional or complex meds (like injections) subject to an Rx fee of up to $3 / per

  • Personal space. Each fur guest has a dedicated space, so bring their bed and a favorite toy or two for a real home away from home experience for your pup.

  • Pictures and videos posted every 2 hrs for dog parents to see what fun their fur babies are up to during their groovy day

All guests must pass a meet & greet temperament screening process

to ensure compatibility with the group.

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