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About Groovy Puppy Tampa

We know finding a new day care or boarding can be scary. As pet parents we want the very best place for our furry family member.

Why choose The Groovy Puppy Tampa? What makes this a better option for your furry family member(s)?


  the Groovy Puppy Tampa was bred out of a life long passion and connection with dogs!

Your mind can rest knowing that our team of dog people, will make your fur baby feel at home. Spoiling them with love and plenty of hugs and scratches. They will enjoy hours of supervised play and relaxation

 in our air conditioned indoor area and our HUGE, fenced-in, 1.5 acre yard!  


We are committed to building a trusting, lasting friendship with our fur guests and their families.

And BONUS!! Throughout the day, the Groovy Puppy posts pictures and videos for doggy parents.

So you get to see your pup having a BLAST throughout their Groovy Stay

Contact us Today and schedule a Meet & Greet!

Our Team

Contact us today for a meet & greet!


Groovy Media 


Dog Dude + Groovy Trainer


Resident Groovy Puppy

Our Team
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